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"I thought it was hype, but your leggings really are amazing. So flexible, so comfortable, so intensely beautiful.
It might be worth warning EU customers about the import tax!
Worth every penny, nevertheless.
Best wishes,
"I have never been very active so I've never cared about workout clothes. Last spring, when Lineage Wear ran an Indiegogo campaign to pre-order new designs for their leggings, I decided to splurge. I got a pair for myself (and two for my 4 year old) figuring I could always wear them for errands or around the house.

A couple of months ago I decided to start eating better and moving more. I put on whatever sweatpants or "yoga" pants I had. The more I moved, the more I realized how much they sucked. By the 100th time I found myself yanking my pants up, I remembered my Lineage Wear leggings. I was a little intimidated by the bright and colorful patterns the company offers since I’m not exactly an extra small. I’d gotten the new blue peacock design from the pre-order and I seriously love how they look on me. They don’t just look good though. I cannot stress enough how awesome they are. They’re comfortable, they’re not see through, no muffin top or jiggling because of the design and they actually stay in place.

I love them so much I just got a second pair (the swirl leggings)."- Stephanie E


"I am a single mother of 3, so as you can imagine, I rarely have extra money to spend on exercise clothing. However, my older leggings were always falling down in vigorous workouts, especially when doing any sort of jumping or hopping. The low-waisted look that has been so in style these days just doesn't work with my body. I received some money for Christmas and sought out to find the perfect work out attire. I cringed when I considered spending $60 US dollars on your leggings, but I felt that if they stayed up and were cute, they would be worth it. I bought a pair of your leggings and two pair of another brand that a friend of mine wears and loves. I LOVE YOUR LEGGINGS. The higher waist never falls down at all, no matter what. Even when I practice rebound training. The print is super cute, and I receive comments every time I wear them (Unicorn print). My boyfriend LOVES them. After your leggings, I received two pair that I ordered from another company at the same price. They were terrible. The fabric was SEE THROUGH, the waist band was about as sturdy as a pair of pajamas, and I just couldn't imagine them staying put for my evening chores, let alone a workout. They were sent back immediately. Now my only decision is whether to buy something you have on stock to replace them, or wait for your new sugar skulls print to come out!

Thank you, Lineagewear. You created something I can feel good in, AND feel good about buying." -Julie J

"Just a quick note to say I think you are totally amazing and that your love and updates about this project warm my heart.  Thank you for being a rad lady designer/business owner and making awesome things for people of all sizes, because as a plus size girl every other pair of athletic pants pales in comparison to your leggings.  In fact I did a 250 lb deadlift in my old sugar skull leggings last week and people were like: damn girl you strong and also WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE PANTS.  I love sending people to Lineagewear, they are never disappointed.  Stoked to get even more leggings in August and much love your way!"

"I recently purchased my first leggings from you (Mandala) and I just want to wear them ALL THE TIME. So it seems I should order some more. They are the most comfortable thing I have ever worn, and I feel great wearing them! 

I really appreciate shopping on your site without feeling "othered." You charge different prices for different lengths, which is perfectly reasonable in my opinion. But you do not charge more for larger sizes, and it's great to not be penalized by having to pay a fat tax. You also include all the sizes in the same place, meaning that I don't have to click on a special menu for "plus sizes" as if I'm some sort of beast that has to have a special section of the internet so as to not offend people who are "regular" sizes. While these things may seem insignificant to some people, I can tell you that it means a lot to me to be valued as a customer. Not as a plus sized customer. Not as someone whose money you'll begrudgingly take as long as I shop in a dark corner where hopefully no one else notices. Unfortunately shopping while fat can be an extremely unpleasant experience yielding very limited options.  I love your product and I love your business model. I can't wait to add to my collection of Lineagewear!"

"I just got my watercolor leggings and wanted to drop a quick note. I really appreciate that I got them so much more quickly than expected. The fit is amazing and I can't wait to wear them to the gym. I do Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu with a bunch of stinky boys and I cannot wait to be fancy and fly when I'm kicking ass. I think it's awesome that you started this business and wanted to thank you!"

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love these pants! I wore them to class and everyone loved them! The owner of my studio even said she wanted to look into carrying them. I have worn all the other hot yoga leggings and I am just so much happier with your design."

 "Just wanted to share my total and complete satisfaction with these pants! I will be ordering another pair very soon :)"

 "The yoga leggings I purchased from you were well worth the wait......they're amazing!!  I'm a yoga teacher & all my students love them.  We're looking forward to your reopening!!  Thank you so very much."

 "Just got my first pair of leggings and I am totally in love! Thank you for making larger sizes and awesome prints! I will tell all my yoga buddies and will definitely be ordering again! Thank you!!!"

 "Just received the package that you sent.  Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with my order.  You really went above my expectations and it is very appreciated.  Have a very Merry Christmas!"

 "I finally ordered my first pair of leggings a few weeks ago, and just had to drop a note to tell you that they are absolutely amazing!! Beyond the perfect comfortable fit, the ultra flattering look, and high quality of construction.... It is most impressive that you are able to maintain these quality values while your business grows leaps and bounds daily. Please never change! We need people and businesses like you!"

"I received my two pairs of leggings yesterday and they truly are the best leggings ever! They were meant to be a Christmas pressie for me from my husband and I just had to have one pair now and save one for Christmas. I am plus size (2X) and they fit perfectly, I wore them for yoga practice last night and they are the best leggings I own. They move like a second skin, they don't hamper my movement at all and they don't make me feel sweaty and hot. I bought the blue Peacock and the Sugar Skulls patterns and they are so beautiful and bright.

I am recommending you to all my yogi friends in Australia. Your postage to Australia was really quick too.

Thank you again - I will be ordering again soon."

"After losing  over 250 pounds naturally(healthy eating, yoga, etc) today I received a compliment  wearing your leggings. These are truly the only leggings  that make me feel beautiful  and unstoppable .  Thank you for your perfect leggings"

"I started my yoga teacher training yesterday and chose to wear my peacock leggings. To say they were a hit is an understatement. I'm thinking you may be getting a few more orders from NH ?  While the fun nature of the leggings was certainly impressive, what many were drawn to was your story and the made in the US by real people at fair wages aspect of your business. I truly cannot shout your praises enough because you exemplify so much of what I stand for."

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