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Katie Pippin- Founder

After building costumes on Broadway for a decade, Katie was fully versed in what it takes to make a stretch garment withstand the rigors of a sweaty performer abusing it on stage for eight shows a week. Katie's work can be seen on Broadway in such shows as Wicked, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Spiderman: Turn off the Dark, Disney on Ice, and various editions of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. She is "descended" from Sally Ann Parsons, who is descended from Ray Diffen, who worked for the great Charles James. Katie is a 2004 graduate of Rutgers University- Mason Gross School of the Arts.

In addition to being a seamstress, Katie is an avid (albeit slow!) runner and hot yogi. She has run five half marathons, and is currently deciding whether or not to go for a full. Katie has been studying hot yoga on and off for five years, and her teachers include Anayra Calderon and Jody Domerstad. She is also a wife, mother to a toddler, a crazy cat lady, and a bit of a beer snob. 

The name Lineage stems from the concept in both sewing and yoga of knowledge being handed down orally from teacher to student. Lineage strives to honor all of our teachers by using the knowledge that they have bestowed upon us to grow our company with honesty, integrity, and love. 


Sarah- Social Media Wizard


Keith- Logistics & Customer Support Guru


Our Philosophy- Ethical, Sustainable, and Inclusive.


Our leggings are handmade in New York City's renowned Fashion District. The employees at our shops are paid a living wage, work realistic hours, and are given frequent breaks and holidays. We believe it is vital to the local economy to build our stuff in a fair, sustainable way, not using child or slave labor. Therefore, we will never build overseas. The unfortunate side effect in this is that production is a little slower, and costs are higher- but we feel like it's worth it. 



We don't do seasons. We release new prints as we find/produce them. A beautiful, well made garment should be timeless, and we believe our designs are attractive enough to be worn- and released- all year round. Just because the calendar changes does not mean the value of our products do. 
More importantly, seasons and micro seasons are part of fast fashion, and often require shoddy workmanship, low quality materials, questionable labor practices, and excessive waste. SO not our bag! 

Environmental Impact

In 2016, we are transitioning all of our fabric sourcing to a local, environmentally conscious facility. Our fabrics are printed using sublimation techniques. 
Sublimation Printing is a process in which designs are transferred from pre-printed paper onto fabric by contact heat, of which the dyes are absorbed by the fabric. It is great way to produce high clarity, well defined designs. The pre-printed paper is an advantageous way to store patterns with the flexibility of being able to print on any synthetic fabrication when needed, rather than having to hold inventory on only one printed fabric. This allows for more flexibility and diversity in choosing fabric styles.
Sublimation printing (heat transfer printing) has always been a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly process than dyeing fabrics. Whether it be single or double-sided printing, sublimation uses less water and less energy to “color” a fabric, without emitting hazardous gases into the air.
Our printing facility is further committed to sustainability in a number of ways:
  • Using water-based inks in our pigment printing operation with no solvents added (which emit harmful VOCs)
  • Operating an in-house waste water treatment system that cleans and filters our water to remove dye particles
  • Recycling our exhausted transfer paper to other markets
  • Collecting our waste fabric to be recycled to other markets
Every step of the process is American made, with an emphasis on a small carbon footprint. Our shops are family owned and operated. Our tags, labels, and packaging are all sourced using American companies. Our mailers are made from 88% recycled materials, and are recyclable. 
Most of our tops are American Apparel, unless stated otherwise. Our tops, totes, accessories, and jewelry are created by partnering with independently owned businesses- start ups much like ourselves. 


Lineagewear is a body positive company.
We don't add surcharges to larger sizes.
We don't have separate sections for "straight" and "plus" sizes.
We support the HAES community.
Body shaming is not our bag.
All bodies are gorgeous, and all bodies are to be celebrated for their unique abilities.
We practice radical self love.
We are adding new sizes on a regular basis, and will continue to do so.
We want every woman, no matter where they are on their fitness journey, to feel OHMazing in Lineagewear. 
Lineagewear doesn't believe in "one size fits all". People are all shapes and sizes, clothing companies skew their size charts differently, and the BMI chart doesn't take into account things like height, fitness, or muscle tone. A hundred years ago, almost every piece of clothing you owned would have been tailor made to your specific measurements. That's the type of fit we strive for with our leggings. We want our garments to fit true to size every time. 
Please, don't ever feel that there is something weird or wrong with YOUR body just because a garment doesn't fit. YOU are perfect, YOU are beautiful!  

Giving Back

We believe it's our responsibility to give back to our community. To date, we have raised over $31,000 for various charities such as Bend to Mend, NEDA, Project Fit America, Team For Kids, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Our Peacock Leggings each correspond with a different charity, chosen by our customers! Also, our referral program even includes the option to donate your rewards to several different charities.
If you have an idea for a project you think we should support, please drop us a line at!

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