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What`s in the Bag? Essentials for any Gym-Goer

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Every gym-goer knows the rush of getting things in the bag before hitting the gym. There are a few things that everyone has in the bag, like shoes and clothes, but in this list we will include some other, lesser known options together with some popular choices.

Water bottle

This obvious gym bag item keeps the body hydrated and should be at hand at all times to a gym-goer. Reusable water bottles are friendlier on the environment and can be purchased online from as little as $2. There are various options available:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Foldable bottles
  • Bottles with handles
  • Fruit infusion bottles
  • Smart shakes


There is no progress without some sort of logbook. All professional recommend you write down you exercises for each session in order to track progress. Sure these days there are other options available like smartphone apps. There are plenty of free apps that allow you to track your exercises and even the food you eat in a day. This should prove perfect for breaking plateaus.

Face wipes

This is especially useful to women but is well worth for guys to have also. You can prevent skin breakouts before and especially after the workout. There are special offers online that go with discounts if you purchase in bulk.


Towels are mandatory in most gyms and most people already carry them around. There are plenty available options including:

  • Cotton towels
  • Microfiber towels
  • Cooling towels
  • Fast drying towels


We all know that person that sweats a lot at the gym. There`s nothing wrong with sweating, just make sure you are not a problem for people around you by keeping deodorant in your bag for every gym session.

Gym clothing

We`ve included all clothing into this section. Gym clothing is getting increasingly advanced. We now have breathable T-shirts, shorts, leggings, shoes etc. Make sure you have clothing that makes you comfortable under heavy physical activities.

Depending on the training you do, there are several customized options.


  • Running shoes
  • Lifting shoes
  • Cross training shoes
  • Orthopedic shoes



  • Leggings (mesh, compression, thermal)
  • Cotton seat pants
  • Yoga pants
  • Fleece pants


  • Padded gloves
  • Straps
  • Hook grips

Dry shampoo

So many of us have been in the situation where the shower becomes out of order. This is the last thing you need after a solid workout. But you could be better prepared by carrying a dry shampoo in you gym bag. They come in all shapes and sizes and some even come with a brush-style applicator to evenly distribute the shampoo powder.

Nutrition bar

Nutrition bars have been around for years. They should not replace actual meals but you should have them in your bag or in your car should you need some quick healthy calories. You can enjoy the treats on the go making sure you don`t go hungry, especially after a workout when your body needs fast absorbing calories to recover.

Athletic tape

Athletic tape is a cheap, versatile gym tape you can easily use to cover injuries like cuts or scrapes. Some gym-goers use athletic tape to support joints and prevent injuries.

Music accessories

You should always have a spare battery for your music player in your bag. Don`t let things like headphones keep you back from having a great workout. Make sure you keep some in your bag all the time.


Does your hair go all over the place when you train? Does it get in your face at the most awkward moments? The simple and cheap solution is a headband. There are plenty of stretchy options available. Note: Lineage headbands are kick ass and don't slide off your head!

Smartphone holder

Ideally you should leave your smartphone in the locker room. But if you decide to take it with you without any worrying on where to leave it in the gym you can go with an armband-style holder. Available options online start from $4.

Mini bands

Mini bands are also a cheap, ingenious, option for your gym bag. They provide great flexibility and will power-up your warm-up sessions.

Hand sanitizer

Machines and weights can become a source of bacteria. Make sure you stay away from harmful bacteria by having a quick, travel-size, hand sanitizer available in your bag.


Having a comb or a brush is highly advisable for every gym session. Washing your hair will let you feel clean again so make sure you complete the look with a proper comb. Travel size brushes are also a great option and some even come with small mirrors included. For these types of products, prices start at $2.

Heart rate monitor

Some modern gym machines provide some sort of heart monitoring. But having your own heart rate monitor will ensure a more accurate reading, telling you if you need to increase or decrease the pace. Some heart rate monitors also count your calories so there is no more guessing at the end of each workout. Available options start from $40.

Whether you decide to pack all these items into your gym back is up to you. Some mandatory items include fresh clothing and a towel while other items remain optional, such as the athletic tape or the heart rate monitor. However, once you start keeping these items into your gym bag you will never go back.


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