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I challenged myself to only pack leggings for vacation.

Last month, my husband, three year old son, and I traveled to Las Vegas for a wedding. The last time we had traveled as a family was to Disney to run my first half, when my son was just a year old. Anyone with a toddler knows that it's IMPOSSIBLE to pack light! We brought a ridiculous amount of stuff to Disney, and we came back with even more. It was stress inducing for sure.

For Vegas, I was determined this time to alleviate some of the stress of packing! 

Our itinerary had us flying out on a Wednesday, the wedding was Saturday night, and flying home on Sunday. So I had to prep for five days, including formal wear. Admittedly, I am usually a jeans and tshirt kind of girl. I wear my leggings to work out, but my instinct is still to reach for jeans. 

So for this trip, I decided to challenge myself to ONLY pack leggings. I wasn't going to have much room left for me after I packed my son's stuff. And I needed to maximize the use of each piece of clothing. It had to easily transition from practical daytime tourist to chic night time adventures. 

What I Packed

  • 4 pairs of leggings (black, 3 prints) *I should have packed a 5th pair
  • 5 tops, black/white (other solid colors would have worked too)
  • 1 pair shorts
  • 1 fancy dress
  • 3 pairs of shoes (sneakers, flats, heels)
  • 1 sweater, grey
  • 1 tankini 
  • jewelry! (seriously sets the tone for an outfit)
  • 5 days worth of socks, underwear, pajamas *completely forgetting a strapless/convertible bra 
  • makeup and toiletries

How I Wore It

Wednesday- Flying In

I wanted something colorful, to make sure I was easy to spot in a crowd. I also needed to layer, as I get cold on airplanes, yet Vegas was forecasting in the 70s. So I wore a plain black tee with Unicorn Leggings, a drapey grey sweater, and sneakers. Light enough for Vegas, but long enough to keep me comfy.

Thursday- Keeping Busy

Thursday was all about keeping our toddler entertained (not an easy task for Vegas!) until the rest of our family arrived. This meant a LOT of walking. I wore a short sleeved black tunic with my grey Keep Going leggings, and black moccasins. The shoes were a mistake for daytime, as I definitely needed the support sneakers provided, but the whole outfit transitioned from daytime sightseeing to hitting the casino floor with my husband after bedtime. (Grandma babysat. Thanks Grandma!)

Friday- Meeting Family

Friday was more toddler entertaining, as well as meeting up with various family members at various casinos. So MORE walking! This time I wore sneakers with my Mandala leggings, and a long white tank top. The white tank top I splattered food on- guess the universe was reminding me that it's after Labor Day! ;)

Can you tell I got about 4 hours of sleep that night?

Friday evening was the informal rehearsal dinner. I had packed a black blouse to wear. However, I forgot to pack a strapless bra! It looked ridiculous with a regular bra, and it would have been too scandalous without a bra. So I had to substitute the black tshirt I wore on the plane. I paired that with Not So Basic Black leggings, my moccasins, and some dangly silver earrings. Oh, and lots of makeup. (Can you tell I'm a theater person? You can never go wrong with all black.)

Saturday- Wedding!

The wedding wasn't until late afternoon, so we had a little time beforehand to have brunch and hit the pool. My bathing suit is a tankini, so I threw my black leggings on with them, and it totally looked like a real outfit. Brillz. 

Saturday night I wore a fancy dress and heels to the wedding. But underneath? Only the best shorts ever. WAY more comfortable than shapewear. I am not really comfortable in dresses and heels, so having shorts on underneath definitely helped me to relax!

Sunday- Flying Out

By Sunday, I'll be honest. I was missing my jeans. I was also wondering what the heck I was thinking when I packed, because I was out of clothes. (Mom brain, it's real!) I ended up rewearing my Thursday outfit (with clean underwear at least!) along with my sneakers and sweater. Really enjoyed a long, hot shower when I got home!

Did I manage to downsize my suitcase though? How do you think I did? 

I will tell you that aside from my dress (which my husband packed into his garment bag), I fit ALL of my clothes, shoes and toiletries, as well as ALL of my son's clothes, shoes and toiletries, AND a couple of bed time books! Into ONE carry on suitcase. 

We didn't check a single bag. 

That alone was worth giving up "real pants" for five days straight! Travel to and from the airport was a BREEZE compared to our last trip. If you have a trip coming up, I totally recommend packing leggings! 

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