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Style Guide, Part 2

Here's part two of our style guide!

Who doesn't love brunch? Green Peacock leggings- because they're comfier than real pants. Throw on a simple tshirt and scarf over it. Don't forget to wash off last night's makeup! 

Our classic Blue Peacock legging is guaranteed to keep you covered in Down Dog. We've paired with a simple tank top, a couple of beaded bracelets, and a high quality mat bag. Leave your shoes at the door, please! 

Movies? Shopping? Up to some mischief? The purple in our Peacock leggings contrasts with this green infinity scarf in a playful way. Comfy shoes are a must. 

You'll be a showstopper in this outfit! Warble your way through "Sweet Caroline" in our Mandala leggings, a graphic tee, and boots. 

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