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2016 Road Map

What a year!Studio

Above: February 2015. A pile of inventory on my couch. Also my cat's butt.
Below: December 2015, my studio.
So many improvements happened this year. 2015 was the year I took Lineagewear from a fun little side project to my full time business. We went from a stack of bins in the corner of my living room that I shipped out on nights and weekends, to an actual studio with two part time employees. I learned a TON this year. I organized so many aspects of the business, and even got to experiment with a few things. I'm proud of what I accomplished. But now I have a taste for it- I want to keep going! 
I can't spoil EVERY surprise I have in store, but I can share a few with you all. Some of the things I want to accomplish for 2016:
- This is the year that we are switching to all custom prints. Sadly, that means that several of your favorite designs may be discontinued, as they are commercially available designs. I no longer want to risk finding "my stuff" elsewhere on line, particularly when the fit quality is inferior. Switching to custom prints means that our line will be unique both in fit and design. Also, new prints! Yay!
- We are changing our fabric sourcing so that ALL of our leggings are printed on the exact same fabric, and ALL have double sided printing. No more fiddling with this print running small, this one running large. No more worrying if a print will be squat-proof or not. No more wondering why some prints are super soft and some are not. Consistency is key!
- We are looking to source more environmentally friendly fabrics, and continue to upgrade every possible aspect of our business with a vision of sustainability (i.e converting to recycled packing materials).  
- We will continue to slowly invest in more inventory. 2015 saw a huge uptick in stock quantities, but we still experience periodic shortages. This year, we're seeking to eliminate that completely. 
- We will likely be moving our existing studio to a different location. We're seeking a space that will continue to function as a design studio, but can also facilitate having periodic trunk shows and walk in shopping! 
- 2015 was our year of giving back! We donated over $21,000 to various charities. This year, we want to beat that goal, as well as expand the number of charities we donate to. 
I am so super grateful to everyone that has been on this journey with me. 2016 is going to be a phenomenal year for Lineagewear- and it's all thanks to you, our beautiful customers! 

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Jan 04, 2016 • Posted by KIm

Great job Lineagewear! I am excited to see new prints and consistent sizing! Keep up the great charity donations! You rock!!!

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