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A note about our Unknown Pleasures leggings

I know, I know. You're absolutely DYING to get your hands on a pair, right? Me too! I was unbelievably excited this week when I was finally able to pick them up and try on a pair. 

And that's when I noticed that the pair I tried on was flawed. 

FLAWED. My heart sank. 

Let me back up for a minute and explain the process for creating these. I had the idea for these leggings back in June. I am terrible with computers (all of my education was analog. Did a lot of sketching and watercolor in college, but very little Photoshop), so I began a conversation with one of my technical designers. I sent them this sketch,


and the album cover the design is based on (which is, weirdly, public domain, no licensing required)

and asked her to make the "mountains" run along the outseam. In addition to this, we played with color ways- going through about 20 different combinations before settling on one we liked best. 

A close second choice which I may run in the future. 

Then she did some sort of technical hocus pocus, laying out that design on the fabric as described, and scaling it for a full size range. The scale of the design had to match the size- the Extra Small having the smallest print, Small being slightly larger, etc etc. It has to be very precise in order to look proportional and flattering. Also, all those itty bitty lines had to match up. 

This was an INCREDIBLE amount of work. I'm still not sure how she did it, but I know it was difficult and time consuming and I am super grateful to work with such talented people. (That's why the price on these leggings is a little higher than usual- production costs were higher. Hopefully they will come down in the future. )

We printed on fabric, and I was able to mock up a sample. 

Beautiful, right? Done, approved, let's run production! 

Seven rolls of fabric, each labeled by size, were sent to my factory to cut and sew.

Unfortunately, at the factory, they were cut incorrectly. Each size was cut from a mismatched bolt- resulting in some pants having a smaller or larger print than they were supposed to. And a few pairs pants are slightly off center. Not so much that you'd find it unflattering-it actually took me a few minutes of admiring these in the mirror to notice, and I have a super critical eye. But technically, they are still flawed. 

So since these are not up to my usual exacting standards, I am selling this batch at cost. My loss is your gain! This will be the only chance to purchase these at a reduced price, as future batches will be perfect! If you don't mind a slightly off scale print, and want a pair of these leggings for half the price they would normally be, this is your chance to get a pair. These will be listed Friday, November 27th as a sample sale item. Please note that these are considered samples and will be FINAL SALE (our normal return policy will apply to future batches). Click Here to purchase. 

Finally, a portion of proceeds from these leggings will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. My quiet little way of honoring those who have struggled with this issue. I hope you'll join me in this worthy cause by purchasing a pair of Unknown Pleasures leggings. 

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Nov 27, 2015 • Posted by Brooke Freezman

Hello! Where can I purchase the sample sale pants? I don’t see a link.

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