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Six Week Challenge- What I Learned

So clearly, I did not make it to six weeks. And that's okay! I was happily distracted last week by my mother in law staying with us (I am one of those rare, lucky ladies, my MIL and I get along really well!) and by Halloween (super fun experiencing it as a parent!), and a little bit by my sciatica flaring up (oh, the body after pregnancy is wonderful). 

I did glean a few things from it though. Every experience has value. Let's see how this experience was valuable to me:

1. Blogging daily is not for me. It's a little tedious, and I am too lazy to take dynamic food photos/selfies. But it did get me into the habit of blogging regularly, and thinking about how to use that aspect of social media to forward my brand. 

2. Eating 2000 calories a day does not feel natural for me. However! I did get back to eating instinctively, listening closer to my body, and paying more attention to what I eat. I eat more carbs than I think I do. I don't eat enough fruit. My cravings absolutely change based on my menstrual cycle! (TMI, sorry!) And with this thing in the news about how processed meats have been reclassified as a carcinogen, I started thinking about how much meat I eat, and what types. I still don't think I can go vegetarian, but I can continue to make small, sustainable choices (i.e swapping chicken for beef) and be more mindful in those choices. 

3. I drink more than I should, and that's something I will continue to be mindful of. I need to stop buying beer so often. It's so good, but I don't need it. 

4. I LOVE having a Fitbit. I enjoy having so much data available- it keeps me mindful of my fitness goals. It also helps me keep perspective. When I am beating myself up for being lazy, I can look at my weekly stats and see whether or not I was actually that lazy. Little breaks are fine from time to time, and necessary. But a push now and again is good too! 

5. I am in the middle of reevaluating my fitness goals. I think I have next years races mostly mapped out! I also think I will be working on dropping some weight, for endurance purposes. And for "none of my shirts fit over these giant boobs" purposes. (Seriously, how do you well endowed ladies do it??) 

6. Scales are assholes. I put mine in a closet, and am much happier not knowing what I weigh today. 

It really is true that health is not a destination, but rather a journey. I am happy with the road I am on right now. 

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