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Six Week Challenge- Catching Up

Wow, I missed a whole week and a half. Maybe it's time to call this challenge quits? I mean, I didn't miss a week and a half. I just haven't had time to sit down and blog about it for a week and a half. 


After Monday's run, I didn't do anything on Tuesday, and didn't hit my step count either.  I was still sick, and if I remember correctly, I was focused on customer service stuff that day. (Emails, pack and ship, exchanges, etc) I have been playing with a couple of ideas to streamline all this boring back end stuff. When I first started, it was easy to just filter everything through my business email. Now my inbox is getting pretty crazy, and if I want to do anything other than answer emails all day, I need a new system in place ASAP so that I can focus on other stuff, and hire someone to focus on returns and exchanges. Yes it's all boring, but necessary! 


I had a meeting in the city. I was running late so I had to cab it there, but I was able to walk back across Midtown. I was super energized from my very exciting meeting, so when I hit 10k steps it felt like a bonus. 


Weights- upper body. I was STILL sick, so I had him go a little easy on me. He threw in some abs at the end too, which is a really bad idea when you have a cough. 


Friday I was running around like a lunatic getting ready for our housewarming party, so I was not surprised to hit 10k steps. I had to go shopping at 5 different stores, and then the house needed cleaning top to bottom, plus arranging tables and chairs etc. 


Party day! Between that and the town Ragamuffin Parade (where all the little kids in costume parade from the high school to a nearby park for a costume contest), I definitely hit 10k steps. I also definitely drank too many beers and ate nothing but party food. At least I was busy enough all day that I didn't eat a lot of it.


As part of our anniversary celebration, my husband and I went to the Giants Cowboys game. We live very close to Met Life stadium- at our old apartment, we could hear music whenever there was a concert there. Our seats were nosebleeds, so I hit 10k steps without even trying. But I balanced it out with too many beers and a foot long hot dog for dinner. Stadium food has improved a fair bit over the years, but it still has a long way to go. 


A quick run at the gym after a long morning in the car got me to 10k steps. I had gone to tour one of the schools that Project Fit America works with, so that I could see the Cinco de Cycle fundraiser in action. It's really quite a sophisticated program, and I am so happy that our donation earlier this year will help bring it to another school in need! Usually when I donate to charity, the money goes out, I get a thank you, and that's the last I see of it. To see the money in action, affecting kids lives in a positive way, is incredibly rewarding. 


Upper body again. This entry is taking forever to type because I am SO sore today, he totally pushed me. I was lamenting my need for a new fitness goal for 2016 to my trainer, Anthony. Like everyone else, he suggested a full marathon. I really don't want to run a full, but since I am a runner, and have already run a handful of halfs, that's all anyone is going to suggest from now on. It's starting to feel inevitable.

I've looked into what a typical training program for a full is, and it's brutal. I have been lucky in that I have winged it for long runs up until now. Marathon training is like, four months of increasingly longer runs, cross training, dieting (like not half-assed healthy eating, but VERY specific nutritional intake), definitely NO drinking... it would be like a second job. It would probably require guidance from a running coach, because I know myself and know I'd need someone to push me. And I worry how all that would affect my business and my family. 

So yeah. Lots to think about. 

Today I am still dealing with the remnants of this cold, and feeling kinda bloated and run down. It's gloomy outside, and I have zero motivation. Hopefully I can find my mojo along the way to the city! 

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