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Six Week Challenge- Week 4 Weigh In

Weight 160/168 I weighed myself on TWO different scales at my gym. One was the spring scale in the ladies room, which said 160. The other was the super fancy digital scale in the weight area, in front of like, everybody, and that said 168. So CLEARLY I am going with the lower number. 

Bicep 12 - .25"

Bust 37.5 + .5"

Waist 33.5 +.25"

Hip 43.5 unchanged

Thigh 25 - .5"

So basically what's happening here, is minor fluctuations. Nothing has changed more than half an inch in either direction since I've started. (I'm willing to bet my weight has not changed significantly since I've started too, although without a working scale it's hard to say.)

On one hand, I am a little... frustrated? surprised? disappointed? that an uptick in activity, even a small one, has produced zero measurable change in my physique. 

On the other hand, that means I have already been consistent. I have managed balance. I eat junk sometimes, and healthy at other times. I am a little bit active on most days. I am generally healthy, and it is not too much effort to maintain this balance. Which is GREAT. Exactly what I was going for when I started this. 

I guess, like with my running, I am going to keep going. I am just not sure where exactly I am going with this. I need new challenges!!!


Today (Monday) I made up the mileage I missed this weekend! I ran on the treadmill, because we are in the middle of a cold front and I am still sick so I was not feeling an outdoor run. I was pleased to note that all the recent outdoor running meant that I was able to maintain my regular treadmill pace of 4.9 mph with a higher incline. I also got to try out my new shoes!!!!

They were amazeballs. Super lightweight, comfortable, and so cute. I am a convert for sure! 

I also got my weekly Graze box. I talk about Graze a lot, but I never post pictures of it. 

Popcorn, soup, nuts, and dried mixed fruit. Super adorable packaging. This is probably one of my favorite boxes I've gotten. I've been tweaking my user preferences with Graze for a year now- you can adjust your dietary needs and likes by rating each of their snacks. These four are all favorites of mine, so I feel like I've finally gotten it just the way I like it. This week looks to be super busy so chances are, this box will be my lunch one day! 

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