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Six Week Challenge is Challenging

When we last left our heroine on Wednesday, she went for a run. 


Thursday was leg day! I kinda love leg day, even though FitBit says that I don't have any active minutes from it. You try doing leg presses, FitBit! I broke an actual sweat, don't even!

I also made it to just under 10k steps. Another 85 steps and I would have made it. Thursday night, I also had a very rare girls night out (seriously, I can't remember the last time I went to a bar!).


So even though I only had a couple of beers (okay, and shared some disco fries, full disclosure!) I felt TERRIBLE on Friday. I was exhausted, dehydrated, fuzzy thinking, stomach issues. I don't think it was a true hangover, but rather a combination of dehydration and not enough sleep. I wasn't productive at work, I didn't work out at all, didn't hit my steps, and I went to bed early. 


Saturday, I was expecting to wake up fresh as a daisy and ready to make up for not doing anything physical on Friday... silly me! It seems that being run down led to me getting my first cold of the season. Ugh. At least when I am sick, my appetite decreases. So I don't eat like a goat in a trash heap like I usually do. And I definitely didn't work out. 

The upside is that my husband surprised me with a SUPER FANCY dinner date for our anniversary. I got to eat a whole lobster for the first time ever. The waiter gutted it for me too. (I ate it with my pinkie up, of course, because I am a super fancy lady.) Best dinner ever! Best husband ever too. :)


Sunday I was signed up for the 5k in town...could not get out of bed. I was seriously bummed to miss it. It was the Halloween 5K, so I had a really cute outfit laid out and NEW SNEAKERS to try! Boo to being sick! 

I have a rule that if I miss a race that I have signed up for, I can't wear the shirt until I make up the miles. It's only happened one other time, thankfully.

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