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Six Week Challenge- Taking it Easy

I'll admit, I am super behind on blogging! So this will be a short post for the past couple of days to play catch up. 


I only made it to 8477 steps. Which is weird because I SCRUBBED the top floor of my house from top to bottom- sweeping and mopping, changing linens, folding laundry, etc- and FitBit said I had zero active minutes for the day. 

FitBit is a dirty liar.

I was definitely sweating, and the whole thing took about two hours, so kiss my grits, FitBit. 

I was very naughty and did not log what I ate at all. Which is fine, because I don't actually want to admit the amount of junk I ate (it was a holiday!). There's a lot more sweets around the house than usual right now. Cider donuts, cookies, marshmallows, halloween candy, candy from Scotland... it's hard to resist. I've been logging my food semi regularly since my son was born, so sometimes I just need a day off from it mentally. 


Yesterday I was super busy with Lineagewear stuff, as my pack and ship guy is out sick this week. I also had to make sure to squeeze all my evening chores in during the afternoon, because I really wanted to watch the Democratic Debate. So there wasn't much time to work out, and I only got to 6138 steps.

Admittedly, I also polished off a whole bottle of wine during the debate. I really enjoyed it though. The debate.

Also the wine. 


Today I was again busy with Lineagewear stuff, but as it is early enough in the day, I am going to sneak a run in! It's soon going to be too cold to run outdoors, so I better take advantage while I still can. 

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