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Six Week Challenge- Week 3 Weigh In

Hello Monday! Let's see how we did. 

Weight 166.8*** home scale, which is clearly wrong at this point. I haven't gotten a new scale yet. I'm curious to see what the gym scale says on Thursday. It's that time of the month too, which we all know makes the scale all wibbly wobbly! ;) 

Bicep 12.25 -.25"

Bust 37 unchanged

Waist 33.25 +.25"

Hip 43.25 unchanged

Thigh 25.5 +.5" (although I am not convinced that I've been measuring this correctly from week to week.)

I was pretty happy with how active I was this week. 

Not sure how the rest of the week is going to go. I don't believe in working out when I have my period. It doesn't feel right. I am totally fine with working out when I have PMS, as it tends to help my symptoms. But not during. So I will probably have a couple of quiet days. 


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