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Six Week Challenge- Pre Race Rituals

Instead of sharing my rather boring food diary, I think today I will talk about pre race rituals. This is definitely a runner thing, but I've noticed that this habit is also useful in my regular life. I tend towards being anxious, and having these little routines that make me feel prepared keeps me calm. 

1. Clothing

I've got a specific set of clothing rules for races. This is all laid out the night before, and sometimes as much as a week before! 

I always wear a previous races finisher shirt, my CW-X compression leggings, and something Lineagewear (usually my Green Peacock Headband). The CW-X leggings are GREAT for keeping your joints in alignment over long runs. However, they were clearly designed by someone with like, zero body fat. The waistband is very snug and creates a horrible bubble effect around my belly. (Thank God for bibs, right?) They only go up to a size XL (which is maybe a 12, at best!) and are prone to rips and tears at the slightest provocation. Disappointing, considering they are like a hundred bucks a pair.

I will wear my own leggings for 5ks, and likely for 10ks as well (which I don't often do). The high, elastic free waistband is smooth and keeps everything in place! I might look into some other form of joint support for future races so that I can wear my own stuff on longer runs. 

My sneakers are Mizuno, but that may change soon. These keep me from over pronating, but like other people mention in reviews, the toe box is super tight. Currently awaiting a new pair of Pearl Izumis from a warehouse sale! 

Aside from my FitBit, I also wear a Garmin GPS watch. When it isn't resetting itself mid race, it's super useful to keep an eye on my pace! And wow do I look ridiculous wearing two different watches. 

I don't have specific rules regarding bra and panties. I used to not have a sock rule, but this race I tried a new pair of compression socks (which is a big no no usually!) and I will definitely be switching to those, despite the fact that they are a SUPER dorky length. 

I used to wear a Flip Belt for carrying gels, ID, keys, etc. At Beat the Blerch I tried wearing the waterproof fanny pack we got at Sesame Place this year, and found I liked it way more than the Flip Belt. Easier to access. 

Depending on the weather, I sometimes wear a jacket. I don't believe in throwing away clothes at a race, so I'd rather have a jacket flapping around my waist than tossing it to the side of the road. I would rather run hot than be cold beforehand. 

Finally, I also sometimes wear an armband for listening to music on my phone. Sometimes I just carry my phone the whole time. Either way, I can't live without my Bose Sport headphones! 

Oh, and cheap sunglasses. 

2. The night before

No later than the day before, I try to get a mani pedi. Gotta love on your feet! I choose a green polish for good luck. 

Shower, carb load, no booze. I take my sleeping pills early enough to ensure at least seven hours sleep. I don't usually pin my bib to me until the start of the race. I lay out the t-shirt for this race and clean jeans to wear after I get home. Just like concerts, I feel strongly about not wearing the t-shirt until AFTER the race. Don't be that guy. Save the t-shirt for later! 

My first half. I am wearing my own leggings, and BOY was I hobbling the next day! 

My second half. I'm smiling because I PR'ed. 

Beat the Blerch! We took the finisher photos at the beginning for some reason. Which is okay considering how miserable I was at the finish line. I love that their race photos are free! I'm wearing the NYC Half shirt underneath the jacket. 

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