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Six Week Challenge- Confessions of a fast food craving

Most of today was spent packing and shipping orders, answering emails, and dealing with exchanges. You know, the super exciting stuff. 


Two mile walk. I didn't want to push it too hard before this weekend. I am just about at 10k steps for the day. It was a beautiful walk. The weather today is perfect! 

What I ate

Today, I ate some junk. And thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

Breakfast- Turkey sausage flatbread from Dunkin Donuts, and their new Pumpkin Macchiato, because I had a free drink coupon. Just the right balance of espresso and milk for me.  

Lunch- You ever get a craving so hard and so strong, that you just can't stop yourself? Today, for the first time in months and months, I just had to have McDonalds. It's disgusting. It's vile. It's the unhealthiest food on the planet. And yet, the thought of one of those salty, oniony burgers was too much to resist. I think it's after effects of pregnancy. When I was pregnant I craved the worst sort of junk food! I'd gone probably seven years without touching McDonalds. When I was pregnant, I ate there at least three times. So I figured, what the hell. Why not. 

It was totally amazing and delicious.

But by the time I got home, my body was like, NOPE. And I was in the bathroom all afternoon. (TMI, sorry.) So the next time I get a salty fast food craving, I'll try to remember this afternoon LOL. 

Dinner- leftover chicken and asparagus pasta. 

Snacks- Graze Deconstructed Carrot Cake, gala apple

Booze- Barefoot Cabernet. I didn't drink Cabernet for ages, thought it was too earthy. I'm slowly learning to enjoy it again. 

TOMORROW is packet pick up for the Rock N Roll Brooklyn Half! EEEK! I am excited. My fourth half of the year! After that, there's a Halloween 5K in town, and that's it. That's all the races I've scheduled for the year. Time to figure out a new goal! (Other than a marathon LOL no thanks!)

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