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Six Week Challenge- More Ramen


Today (Wednesday) would have been leg day, if I wasn't running this weekend. So we did arms again. I've been lifting regularly since January. I only lift once a week, and alternate upper and lower body, so I don't really expect to make super crazy progress. But lately, I've been telling my trainer to add weight way more often, so I feel like I am making some progress.

And the fact that I am eating more means I don't stop mid-set so often, panting and dizzy. I'm never dieting again! That shit was such a drag on my life! 


Gym selfies are hard. You don't really have time to pose and take a hundred different pictures, because invariably someone busts into the locker room, and then you feel like a vain idiot for taking gym selfies. Or maybe that's just me? I need to work on my duck face. And make a hair appointment, apparently. 

Unflattering tank top is a really old C9 top. It's so comfortable, despite the fact that it's always made me look pregnant. Leggings are Red Peacock

Exciting New Development

On a whim, I stepped on the gym's scale on my way out of the locker room. It put me (fully dressed, with shoes on, having eaten breakfast already) at 162!

Now, I seriously doubt I've lost 4.2 pounds since Monday. 

In an attempt to be as accurate and consistent as possible, I always weigh myself mostly naked, after having used the bathroom, before I eat or drink anything that day. However, my scale is a $20 scale that I don't have a lot of faith in in terms of accuracy. Half the time when you step on it to clear it to zero, it reads 4.6 lbs. It hasn't done that since we moved though. I'm guessing that after being jostled around in a box during the move, it's probably just reading everything 4.6 pounds off.

Which means if it's reading 166.2, that it should actually read 161.6 pounds. 

Which means I have only gained a negligible amount of weight for the ENTIRE year. (Should we call it muscle? Let's call it muscle. #gainz)

Which ALSO means that now I have to invest in a decent scale. 

What I Ate

Breakfast- Turkey bacon sandwich and coffee. 

Lunch- I was in the city again, running Lineagewear errands, feeling really good about myself for once. So of course had to stop at my favorite Ramen joint. It's the size of a shoebox, but their ramen is the best. Just look at that steamy beauty! 

om nom nom. 

Dinner- Spicy grilled shrimp and mixed green salad! Nice and light. 

Snacks- Half an apple

Booze- Founders Centennial IPA. It's super flowery, but in a good way. 

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