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Six Week Challenge- recapping Monday, snacking my way through Tuesday

For all my excuses on Monday about how I didn't do so well over the weekend, I somehow managed to eat exactly the right amount of calories. I'll go back and do a proper recap of the day, since I left out most of it in my last post. 


Just shy of 10k steps. I figure coming in at 9664 is so close, it's good enough. I will definitely be making up the extra 400 steps this Saturday! 


Breakfast- Turkey bacon, sriracha, and feta cheese on 12 grain toast. Sounds weird. Salty and delicious. Also coffee. 

Lunch- Ramen! I had a lunch date with one of my girlfriends at a new ramen place. We had an interesting conversation during lunch too. She and I were on our weight loss journey together on MyFitnessPal last year- yet she's managed to keep almost 30 pounds off, while I put all mine back on. I'd been wondering what her secret was. 

The difference is that instead of eating crazy low amounts of calories, she eats way more and exercises it off. So when I would eat 1500 calories a day and be starving, grumpy, and tired, she would eat 2100 and go for a run until her calories matched 1500. A HA! BRILLIANT. I can't believe what bad habits I had. 

Dinner was that delicious chicken pasta thing I mentioned. 

Snacks- A Graze Lemon Flapjack

Booze- The last of the Pumpkin Down, and The Fear, which I will mention below. 



5k run around town, which meant I also surpassed my 10k step count for the day. My hips were bothering me all day, to the point where I was in real pain at bedtime. I did lots of yoga stretching though, so hopefully any residual tightness will be gone before Saturday. 


Saggy generic grey tank top, Touchdown! Leggings prototype. I got home from my run and sat right down on my kitchen floor and started stretching, hence the not very scenic background. 


Breakfast- Turkey bacon sandwich. Coffee. Mmmm. 

Lunch- Deconstructed burrito. Black beans, peppers, onions, corn, salsa, and cheese. 

Dinner- Crock pot beef stew. 

Snacks- Here's where I went totally off the rails. Snack wells cookies, most of a glazed donut that my toddler didn't want to eat because it didn't have sprinkles, and these pumpkin spice ice cream cookie things from Trader Joes that my friend brought over. They were UNBELIEVABLE. And I am not even really into ice cream! 

Booze- We had friends over for a few hours, so there went my sense of restraint. I had three Flying Dog The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ales. Not syrupy sweet like so many Pumpkin Beers are. At 9% ABV, it will knock you on your ass too! I also had a Schlafly Tasmanian IPA, which I really enjoyed, despite the fact that I can't pronounce the name of that brewery!

After all that, I was sure I'd come in like 700 calories over for the day. Shockingly, I was just under. 


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