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Six Week Challenge- Week 2 weigh In, photobomb, possibly excuses.

Bet you thought you'd find a backlog of information for Friday-Sunday, didn't ya? HA! No. I inadvertently (okay, semi-vertently) took a few days off. 

I can make some excuses. The weather was shit. The PMS symptoms were strong. And to be fair, I did a LOT of behind the scenes stuff for Lineagewear- I was not sitting on my ass the *whole* time. I made some good choices, and some not so great ones. But in the end, it's a new week. It's Monday, and it's a great time to start fresh! 

The good stuff from this weekend:

Friday, my crack assistant Keith and I did what's known as a "cycle count" of all my inventory. This is done periodically to make sure that the number of physical pieces of inventory match up to what's listed in the computer system. For larger retailers, this is to cut down on theft, loss, etc. For me, it's usually because of exchanges/returns where I grab something out of a bin and forget to take it out of the system. So that will cut down on inventory errors for a few weeks. 

We also took a crap load of inventory photos. My goal was always to have better product photos- showing pictures of the print was supposed to be a temporary solution that ended up lasting for a year and a half. Now that I have a studio, and some lights, and found a great photo processing service (Because I haven't used Photoshop consistently since like, 2007), I could finally focus on better shots of my stuff!

Food porn:

(Shopify, your blog tool sucks! Stop rotating my pictures!)

At brunch on Saturday, I ordered a salad with my breakfast, instead of home fries. It was a really nice balance to my super heavy Huevos Rancheros (which I willed myself not to finish, even though AVOCADO CREAM).

Saturday I also uploaded all those pictures for processing, then uploaded them to the new site. I'm so happy that Lineagewear has a fresh, clean look. I feel like I am properly honoring my line with the professional looking storefront it deserves! 

Sunday I hit 10k steps without trying- owning a home comes with a LOT of chores. 

FitBit says I hit my stairs goal of 10 or more flights of stairs per day 6/7 days this week. And the one day I missed it, it was because I only climbed 9 flights of stairs that day. Hooray for small victories! 

The "bad" stuff from this weekend:

Let's just say I didn't stick to my two a day limit. Brix City is a new brewery that opened up right around the corner- the first brewery to represent Bergen County, NJ (where I was born and raised). I'd support them anyway, as I'd love to see local boys make good, but it certainly helps that their beer is DEELISH. 

I made a tray of Kix Berry Treats! I found a similar recipe for this online. I had Kix cereal, which is low in sugar. Instead of freeze dried strawberries and white chocolate chips, I substituted Graze's Strawberry Granola Topper (which is yogurt drops, granola, and dried strawberries). So aside from half a stick of butter and a bag of marshmallows, these are actually not terrible as a sweet treat. 

(By the way, I am not in any way compensated by Graze, or any other brands I mention on here. I am really just obsessed with their product. Blogs are supposed to have disclaimers, right?)

Sunday, oh Sunday. You are made for football and bad decisions. 

Nachos for dinner, while watching the Saints Cowboys game. Tortilla chips are obviously NOT diet food. I did make a small effort though- topped with turkey chili, black beans, fresh avocado, cheddar, cilantro, and salsa. And I had a pomegranate for dessert. It could have been WAY worse. 

Week 2 Weigh In

Okay, so after a week of half assing it? Not getting much exercise? Eating and drinking too much? Did anything change?

Weight 166.2 I gained a pound. Not surprised, considering that this week was basically a PMS fueled carb fest.
Bicep 12.5 +.25"
Bust 37 same
Waist 33 -.25" 
Hip 43.25 -.25"
Thigh 25 same

Two weeks in a row where my biceps have increased while my waist and hips have decreased, with what I would consider minimal effort. That's all the motivation I need to get back on the horse this week! 

Today I picked up roughly 400 pairs of pants. Schlepped them to my studio, which is on the second floor with no elevator. FitBit says I have zero active minutes today, but FitBit is LYING. The inventory was in three huge boxes. And those stairs are steep. I am just about at 10k steps for the day.

Anyway, that inventory is all listed now, and YayRestock is good for 10% off from now until next Monday, so get in on that! 

I made good choices at dinner. Breakfast too. (Lunch was ramen, because I'm a grown up.)

Pan seared chicken breast with fresh garlic, seasoning, EVOO, chopped asparagus, and sun dried tomatoes. Poured in a can of chicken broth, and a cup and a half of tricolor pasta with hidden vegetables. Simmered for ten minutes. Sprinkled with pecorino romano. HEAVENLY. One pot to wash. Leftovers for tomorrow. Aces.

Since today was so productive, tomorrow I think I have time for a crisp fall daytime run. Which is good, as I'd like to get in an easy 5k before my fourth half of the year this weekend in Brooklyn! No trails this time, thank goodness. :) 

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