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Six Week Challenge- Day 10

In which I am pleasantly distracted all day by an exciting super secret collaboration in the works! ;)


Back and shoulders at the gym. Also some kettle bell swings for good measure. Last time I did those, my arms AND legs were sore for days. Definitely want a kettle bell for home. Today wasn't so bad. I even had my trainer up the weights a few times.  

Also, do I get bonus points for blowing this bad boy up? Cause it took damn near forever. 


Adorable top by my friend Manifesta, leggings are Fish and Lips. I only ran those in Singapore, but I am thinking about running them again here. 


Breakfast- Three guesses! Yep, coffee and a breakfast burrito. 

Lunch- Spinach and feta wrap from Starbucks, a grande skim latte

Dinner- My husband and I had a rare date night out! We went to a local seafood sports bar type place. We started with mussels Fra Diavolo, which were excellent, and then we split a tuna wrap and a lobster roll. I switched the fries out for sweet potato fries, and only ate about half. I was so full from the mussels that I couldn't finish either sandwich. See? Small choices! 

I had a childhood seafood allergy that I grew out of sometime in my teens. I was afraid to really try seafood until after college, when I started slowly forcing myself to try one fish at a time. Now, I can't get enough of it! It was only a year or two ago that I tried lobster for the first time, and I am definitely trying to make up for the previous 30 something years of not liking it. This was my first lobster roll, and it did not disappoint. (The tuna wrap was good, but it was a summery dish, and didn't jive well with the lobster.) 

Snacks- Graze's Pho soup (60 calories), as well as their snickerdoodle dip (150 calories). THE DIP IS COOKIE BUTTER. Dangerous knowledge to have. 

Booze- A beer tasting flight with four different unmemorable beers, a pint of Dogfish Head's Punkin Ale. I am going to be so sick of pumpkin come mid November, but right now I don't even care. Gimme all the pumpkin. 

After we got home from dinner, I had a cup of tea, and went to bed on time. Definitely feeling balanced these days. Except that this is now the third day in a row where I am over my calories. 

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