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Six Week Challenge- Day 9


I could tell this morning that I was in the mood to blow off this challenge again today. Luckily, I know myself well enough that I was prepared.

My husband and I recently bought a house. We made one of the bedrooms into an office/ gym. I knew that come winter, I was going to be hard pressed to get to the gym, or go for a run. So I made sure to set the office up as space that's conducive to both working and working out. 

A friend of mine had recommended T25 recently- she used it to lose 60 pounds. So I bought a used copy online. (Last time I bought Beachbody dvds, P90X, I used them once and then gave them away- I wasn't paying full price again!) I tried out the Alpha Cardio workout. It was fun! Surprisingly fun! I think I will keep these. 

Bonus points for also hitting 10k steps this evening- made me feel better about blowing off the day before. 


Breakfast- coffee and a breakfast burrito. I told you I eat those things all the time!

Lunch- California chicken sandwich from Aroma Espresso Bar. 

Dinner- Baked chicken strips, roasted brussel sprouts, steamed corn on the cob. Yawn.

Snacks- So after dinner, I went a little nutso. I was ravenous for carbs, so I toasted a hot dog bun. Then I had some cheese. Then a cadbury flake bar. Then half a bag of microwave popcorn. I was contemplating more cheese, but I finally restrained myself. I was like a wild animal. I was probably going to hit my calorie goal, and then I just ran right past it.

Or rather, chewed right through it. 


Ballast Point's Pumpkin Down- their Scottish Ale with pumpkin. Delicious, if not as high gravity as I usually like. Ballast Point is one of my favorites- I couldn't get enough of their Grapefruit Sculpin all summer. Bonus points for their killer pirate ship themed artwork. 

Stone has this great series called the Stochasticity Project. I've loved all of them, more so than I usually love Stone (I know, I'm weird, Stone is great). This one, Your Father Smelt of Elderberries, is a recreation of a medieval recipe. Tasty! A little sweet, but very drinkable. I grabbed it because of the Monty Python reference, but I will probably get it again and pay a little more attention to the flavor. (I am a big fan of ancient brews- Dogfish Head's Chateau Jiahu blows my everloving mind.)


Here's me in my home gym!

My sports bra is a really cool ombre bra that I don't have the guts to take a photo of without a shirt on. Pants are Fractal9. Are you ready for the yoga challenge she and I are co-hosting next month on Instagram? 


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