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Six Week Challenge- Day 8 (Weigh in)

So did any changes occur during my first week of making small, sustainable changes to my routine? Let's break out that measuring tape! 
  • Weight 165 I gained .2 pounds. Apparently a small weight gain when you start a workout program is normal and temporary, so I am not panicking.  
  • Neck 13.5" unchanged (unsurprised.)
  • Bicep 11.75" + .25" 
  • Bust 37" + .5" (This is weird. I think maybe I measured incorrectly week 1)
  • Waist 33.5" - .25"
  • Hip 43.75" - .25"
  • Thigh 24.25" + .75" 

All in all, I am pleased with these results. I certainly FEEL better, and I was thinking that I looked slightly better this morning. 

Race photos came back! 


Ugh. Today was one of those days where I was focused on work all morning, and then focused on my family/chores all evening, and by the time I had time to work out, it was like 9 pm and I was not interested in THAT. :( Plus my legs are still all wonky feeling. 5269 steps for the day. Pathetic! I'm disappointed with myself for not budgeting my time better. 


I still can't eat enough to meet my goals. I don't know if under eating for so long has messed me up, or if I really am eating what I am supposed to, or what. And then the calorie goal is forever shifting. I thought I was way under all day, even with a huge dinner, and this morning it said I was over. It's frustrating. That sweet spot of within a hundred calories of your target is REALLY hard. 

Breakfast- coffee and a breakfast burrito. For those of you just joining us, here's what I mean: 

Lunch- an Amy's vegan samosa wrap, a handful of sliced turkey, and a yogurt. Yawn. 

Snacks- Oh, there were snacks. I snacked all day. I was ravenous. There was cheese. There was dried fruit. There was soup and crackers. I don't know why I was insanely hungry all day. Maybe my metabolism is starting to balance out??

Dinner- Grilled steak and a broccoli potato casserole thing that I made up. We have too many vegetables in our freezer right now. That's usually the impetus for me to try a new recipe. It was okay. The steak was perfect though. 

Booze- A stray Vapricot while cooking dinner, a glass of Shiraz with it. I poured myself a second glass without even thinking about it. In front of the TV, playing on my phone, and then there it was. So I drank it. No regrets. Actually, that's not true. I do regret not making time for a walk today. 


At my studio, sewing up and trying on a prototype pair of my new Touchdown leggings! I am really excited about these. They are SO CUTE. The fabric is also printed on the inside, so they are TOTALLY squat proof.

How do I know they are squat proof? I was wearing polka dot underwear, and I bent over in front of a mirror while shining one of my photo lights at my ass. 

Don't ever let anybody tell you that fashion is glamorous.

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