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Six Week Challenge- Day 7

Ow. Ow my ankles are so sore today. My knees and quads hurt too, but not nearly as bad as my ankles do. They are CRISPY. I think for Brooklyn I might try wearing compression socks. 


Would you believe I hit 10,792 steps just doing my weekend chores? Cleaning, laundry, groceries, and toddler chasing. I was pleasantly surprised. 


Breakfast- Coffee and a breakfast burrito. Lots of spinach on it. More spinach than Gardenburger. 

Lunch- Leftover shrimp mei fun, and one of those tiny adorable cans of Diet Coke. I don't really like soda that much, but every now and again an ice cold Diet Coke is like, perfect. Also, I hadn't gone grocery shopping yet so the fridge was looking pretty barren. 

Dinner- More pulled pork, but this time I skipped the bun and extra sauce and tossed in some scallions instead. Delicious! Added a whole steamed artichoke on the side, with Italian dressing as dipping sauce. I love steamed artichokes because they're really involved to eat, and make you feel like you had a huge indulgent meal, but really you just ate a big pile of veggies. The Italian dressing dipping sauce is tangy and sweet, and lighter than drawn butter or mayo.

Snacks- Took our son to the local Touch a Truck event, where they let kids climb up into firetrucks and ambulances and whatnot. They were giving out free lunch size bags of chips- my husband, son, and I split a bag of Fritos. 

Booze- 2 1/2 Southern Tier 2IBA. Sadly, the Arcadia Ales IPA I got the other night was damn near undrinkable. I think maybe I got a skunked pack. 


No photos- basically I stayed in my pajamas all day. I put on jeans for the grocery store, but that was the extent of it. Sundays I am all about being on #teamnopants! 

Tomorrow I weigh in and see if anything changed! 

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