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Six Week Challenge- Day 6 HALF MARATHON DAY!

Today was a great day! 


I ran (jogged. power walked. hobbled.) 13.1 TRAIL miles. I'd say that's enough for one day. 

Note the elevation change. I apparently climbed the Statue of Liberty today. The whole run felt like it was up hill. 

This is a terrible time, even for me! But apparently even with stabilizing leggings, my sissy knees and ankles couldn't handle a big kid trail run. So I walked a lot of it. But I finished. Eventually. 45 minutes later than my fastest half time. 


Breakfast- Coffee, and a bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel. Again, couldn't finish it, but I knew I'd need the calories. 

Snacks- During the run, I sucked down 3 salted caramel Gu packs, as well as a dozen dixie cups of purple Gatorade. Afterwards, there was a banana, some potato chips, and beef jerky. It was glorious. 

Lunch- Wendys spicy chicken sandwich, half a small fry, and a HUGE, icy, delicious club soda. My husband and I drink a ton of club soda. It's my go to drink at fast food places. 

More Snacks More Snacks!- currently sipping a big fat cappuccino in my post race shower glory. 

Dinner- TBD But I really hope there are vegetables involved. 

Booze- THERE WILL BE BEER. I haven't gotten into it yet (I don't like day drinking), but I picked up some Southern Tier 2IBA, and some Arcadia Ales IPA. Because a high gravity, ice cold, hoppy beer sounds like heaven after being sweaty and thirsty for four hours today. 


CWX stabilizing leggings, C9 jacket, Mizuno Wave Runners, my NYC half finisher shirt, (I always wear a previous race's finisher shirt) and of course, my original Green Peacock headband prototype- I wear that at every half. (They really do stay put, except for when you mess with your sunglasses right before a picture is taken and push it back, so that it looks like your headband does not stay put. Sigh.)

Also my finisher medal, and my buddy John- it was his first half and he did great!  

Trail runs are gross. I don't think I am doing one again. Maybe I would do the 10k next year. Maybe. 

I have decided that even though I will soon need a new race goal, I am still NOT interested in running a full marathon. NOPE. 

Also, a note about water.

I don't mention my water intake much, because I drink lots of it and have no trouble doing so. I drink at least two camelback bottle's worth a day, which is what, fifty ounces? I know sometimes people have trouble staying properly hydrated, but I am definitely not one of them. No my problem is drinking water too close to bedtime, and having to pee all night long. 

Depending on how I feel tomorrow, it may be a rest day... I suspect my ankles will be THRASHED. 

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