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Six Week Challenge- Day 5

Totally exhausted today. That does not bode well for tomorrow. Thankfully, my husband is home! 


Tomorrow I am running a half, so just a walk. My favorite two mile loop through town. I'm going to bed SUPER early, so my step count for the day is only 9835 LOL. 


Breakfast- Turkey bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel. Trying to eat all the carbs today! I couldn't actually finish this though. 

Lunch- Brought my husband out for a sushi lunch date. Spicy tuna roll, miso soup, edamame, salad with ginger dressing. Again, couldn't finish it all! What is going on?

Dinner- Two pulled pork sandwiches, half an avocado, a handful of pan seared asparagus. I've been dying to try root beer pulled pork in the crock pot. Sadly, it was super bland! I had to give this a thorough seasoning of Dynamite, sea salt, black pepper, and a splash of barbecue sauce (I hate goopy barbecue!) for it to be even a little zingy. 

Snacks- a Cadbury flake bar, courtesy of my wonderful husband's trip through Duty Free, and some peppermint tea. 


NONE. Not before race day! I will surely make up for it tomorrow. 


I didn't put on anything exciting. Extra pics tomorrow to make up for it. 

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