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Six Week Challenge- Day 4

I'm tired today. When my husband is in the UK for work, it usually means I am dragging a little. I think it's because I don't sleep well without him. Also my arms are sore- I'm sure by the end of the day, picking up my 30 pound toddler is going to be super fun. #swole 


I think today is a walking day. I wouldn't mind a little yoga either. EDIT: FAIL. I didn't do squat today. :( Only 6158 steps. That's the lowest it's been all week. 


Breakfast- Coffee, banana bread muffin. My stomach isn't that great today, so I'm really glad I made those muffins yesterday!

Snacks- I was starving about an hour after breakfast, so I had a couple of Graze snacks- orchard peach (dried peaches, pears, and rhubarb, yum!) and a honeycomb flapjack. I'm not big on sweets, but I was in the car and they were in my purse. 

Lunch- It turns out that fruit and flapjack was super filling. I was at Ikea helping my friend/pack and ship guy get a new couch. So all I had was a potato and spinach gratin. 

Dinner- Beef stew with egg noodles at my moms house. 

Booze- another vapricot and smashed pumpkin night. 

More Snacks- a handful of kettle corn and a babybel cheese. I'm pretty sure this was just boredom eating. 

#OOTD- again, fail. I didn't even put on a sports bra! Ugh. 

I was not at all pleased with how I did. I feel like I didn't try at all. All I ate today was carbs! Not my usual style. Being tired and having a stomach ache was really distracting. I'm mad at myself for not managing my time better to allow for at least a walk. There is one upside to today though, and that is I am finally getting the hang of how many calories per day I'm supposed to be eating. I just have to watch the numbers carefully on both apps. 

Tomorrow is a new day! 

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