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Six Week Challenge- Day 3

Feeling good today. Eating more food than usual, being more active, and drinking less already has my energy levels up a bit. My afternoon headaches are going away, and I don't feel so destroyed at the end of the day. I think I've set the smartest boundaries I can for myself, because they don't feel like work. I just feel like, "this is my routine now".  


My trainer said I need at least a couple weeks of a 2000 calorie diet to reset my metabolism. We will keep an eye on my stats and decide later if/ when to make any changes to my diet. 

Breakfast- Gardenburger breakfast burrito, half cup mocha greek yogurt, tub o' wake up juice

Lunch- A tall skim latte, Starbucks' zesty chicken and black bean salad. I fucking love this dressing. And I reuse the little tubs that it comes in for packing my sons day care snacks! It's the perfect size for a toddler portion of hummus. Oh, and it's got quinoa. I never think to cook quinoa myself because it looks about as appetizing as gerbil chow. But then I eat it and I'm like, hey, this isn't bad. 

Dinner- deconstructed tacos. Last of the leftover roasted chicken from last week (I kinda never want to eat chicken again after eating a nine pound roaster by myself), corn, red peppers, and black beans sauteed with cilantro and Flavor Gods Dynamite seasoning. Topped with shredded cheese, salsa, and a dab of sour cream. INCREDIBLE. Better than Chipotle! 



(Flavor God is a Paleo/Gluten Free seasoning store that I recently discovered on Instagram. I am neither of those things, but I do love a good seasoning blend. Their Dynamite seasoning is my current favorite go to spicy spice.)

Snacks- babybel cheese, a homemade banana bread muffin. HOLY CRAP banana bread is so good. I make it like once every three years or so, wonder why I don't make it more often, and forget to make it again. 


It was arm day. My trainer, Anthony, decided I needed to "get a good pump on today", which just sounds dirty to me. But get a good pump on I did! And now my arms are twitchy. I also ran a quick mile on the treadmill afterwards. Side note- I really hate the word pump. It gives me the heebie jeebies!

I have the Beat the Blerch half marathon this Saturday, so I don't want to kill myself with anything longer. If I had actually trained for this race (AHAHAHAHAHA! I did not), this would be a tapering week. It was probably my last chance to run before the weekend, so now I feel like I got something done.

This will be my third half this year. I have a fourth on October 10th, Rock and Roll Brooklyn, after which I will be reevaluating my running goals. I have always said that I don't ever want to run a full marathon. It doesn't sound fun to me. But running my first half this past January was a HUGE stretch for me goal wise, and by the end of the year I'll have done it four times. So I need a new goal. 


One (and a half...I know! I'm trying!) of Shipyard's Smashed Pumpkin, and one Terrapin/ Cigar City Vapricot IPA. I am a sucker for pumpkin beer, always have been. Shipyard did not disappoint! And that Vapricot is unbelievable. Both were fairly high ABV so I had to take it slow. The vapricot is so gingery and so delightfully yummy, I wanted to drink this like a soda.  

IPA's are a new discovery for me this year. I used to HATE hoppy beers. Last christmas I received one of those brew your own kits, an IPA. Once I smelled what fresh hops smell like, I was instantly hooked. Some people hear a bell go off in their head when they hear their child cry for the first time- I heard a bell the first time I ate cilantro, and again the first time I smelled fresh hops. 


I am really excited about this one. 

AWESOME PINK MEAN GIRLS SHIRT- Target. Best impulse buy ever!

Legs- Personal Record. They are a little big on me, but REALLY comfortable and super cute. Becca and I became friends via Instagram when we were both starting our lines and realized that we worked just a block away from each other in Manhattan. I'm a big fan of her stuff! 

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