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Six Week Challenge- Day 2


Yesterday felt good. I felt like I was off to a great start. I actually had more energy today than usual! The rest of the week is going to be tricky, as my husband is going to the UK for business. I'm going to have to sneak my workouts into my work days. (Luckily, our two year old loves walks, so if I am short on steps, he and I can run around the block a few times.) 

Today though, I was NOT short on steps. I had a really busy day, and knew I'd only have time for a walk. I was not surprised to hit 10k steps... I was surprised when I realized I'm almost 4k steps OVER my goal for the day, even with all the driving I did. 


Breakfast- Tub o' espresso, banana smoothie with milk and pb2. Are you familiar with pb2? It's genius. It's powdered peanut butter. It's awesome for adding protein/delicious peanutty goodness to smoothies and it's not goopy. If only they made powdered nutella. I went light on breakfast because I had a plan for lunch...

Lunch- PRAISE BE TO GOD, today was a ramen day. 

I will figure out this sideways bull crap if it kills me.

About once a week, when I run all my errands in the city and peek in on my factories, I treat myself to spicy pork ramen at this shoebox sized ramen joint on 8th Ave. It's amazing. Soft boiled eggs, scallions, bean sprouts, roasted pork, fresh noodles, and a runny nose-inducing spicy pork bone broth.

Whenever I am feeling off, be it because I am sick or run down or PMS'ing or even just annoyed, this soup sets me straight. I've heard friends with inflammation issues tout the virtues of bone broth before, and I am TRULY a believer. I've been making my own chicken broth at home for ages, and try as I may to replicate this recipe, I can't even touch it. Bone broth is the shit. Get some. 

Snacks- I had a Graze apple cosmo snack pack. It's dried apple slices, craisins, and lime flavored golden raisins. Lunch kept me going for ages- I was not even close to hungry for six hours. I basically ate this to ensure that I had more produce in my diet today. EDIT: I had a handful or two of kettle corn at night while I was reading. 

Dinner- A cup of penne pasta with leftover chicken, sun dried tomatoes, wilted spinach, pesto, and a handful of pecorino romano. Usually I would throw some pignoli in with this, but I totally forgot. If you are not already familiar with pecorino romano, and you are still using that canned cheese sawdust powder, then I urge you to change your ways. 

It looks like there is a learning curve to understanding the real time calorie adjustment that fitbit syncs to Myfitnesspal. All day yesterday, I was wondering how I was supposed to eat 2000 calories. At dinner, I had estimated that I was going to come in at right around even for the day. But when I logged everything, suddenly I was WAY over. Myfitnesspal said I was about 300 calories over- Fitbit said i was like, 860 calories over. So either I can't math (it's true, I have never been great at it) or it is syncing wrong somehow. 

Also, I am really not sure how long I should be eating this much to reset my metabolism. Is a week or two too much? Not long enough? I think tomorrow, I will ask my trainer. Yes, I do weights once a week! It's probably not often enough for teh gainz, but it's super fun. All women should learn how to lift weights. Being strong is awesome. Don't be afraid of muscle mass! 

Booze- two glasses of Barefoot Merlot. I like fancy beer and cheap wine. Occasionally I will re up my wine club subscription and have a couple bottles of better quality wine around the house. But for the most part, I like the cheap stuff. Third glass is tempting. EDIT: too tempting. Went for three. Bah. Spaced them out at least! 

#OOTD sideways edition... I am at least consistent! 

My favorite Om Shanti tank, that says "what you think, you become", my trusty old running sneakers, and JEANS. Because I find myself using my clothing as an excuse to not be active all the time. You don't need special gear to walk (good sneakers help though). Sure, I think you should definitely buy a hundred pairs of my leggings and only work out in those! But if you are not sure how to start your journey, or what to wear, then just put on some shoes and go for a walk. Worry about your clothes later. 

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