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Gearing up!

I'm starting to get excited for this six week challenge! 

Check out my new fitbit! Also, #OOTD. (I've decided that's going to be a part of this challenge as well.) Top courtesy of ThredUP, which is a GREAT site for gently used designer clothing, accessories, and activewear. Leggings are Oh!Gee

(No idea why that's sideways, but I can't rotate it so please just turn your head.)

I am immediately in love with my fitbit. I'd heard that people found them addictive, but now I see why! As soon as you wake up, there's already hundreds of calories burned. It tracks every single step (unlike the admittedly useful pedometer on my phone, which I don't always have on me). It tracks stairs. It tells you your heart rate!  And it syncs to my phone, which is super convenient. I really feel like wearing this all day long will help motivate me to get moving every day. I wore my fitbit all day yesterday and came in just shy of 10k steps. 

Anyway, I start for realsies on Monday- just three days away! Who's with me??


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