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My 6 week "realistic" health and fitness challenge!

When I started Lineagewear, I was working full time on Broadway. I commuted by train, which meant I was guaranteed to take at least two miles worth of steps daily- more if it was a crazy day in the shop. Even more when my shop moved from Manhattan to Queens! 

Six months ago I took Lineagewear full time. Which meant I suddenly wasn't walking that much, and I was spending lots of time squinting at a computer screen. I still work out at least once a week- sometimes two, three, or even four times. But the Blerch has still managed to catch up with me, and I am fluffier than ever. Between the stress of running a business, a house, and a family, I've spent more time Blerching than I have been taking care of myself.

Ergo, an idea was born. 

Starting next Monday, September 21st, I am embarking on a six week lifestyle challenge- but the catch is that it's going to be TOTALLY REALISTIC. I want it to be so easy to integrate into my life that I won't actually stop at six weeks! They say that it takes three weeks to form a habit, so I figure six weeks will really reinforce it. I invite anyone who wants to join in with me to please do so, and  share your results! 


1. Exercise- The bare minimum of activity I will do every day is 10,000 steps.

Yes, EVERY day. I am young, healthy, and I have a rambunctious toddler. There is no reason I can't at least WALK every day, even when I don't feel great.

If I work out, take a yoga class, have a training session, etc I won't have to complete all 10,000 steps. I love tracking stats (one of the weird things I've discovered while owning a business) so I will treat myself to a FitBit to help accomplish this. I am hoping that the increased walking activity will take the pressure off me to feel obligated to work out. I often feel guilty for not working out. If I don't "need" to work out, maybe I will do it more often for pleasure. That's the hope, at least. 

2. Diet- I will keep a food journal, and eat mindfully.

I have never been successful at excluding things from my diet. I have tried being vegetarian, Paleo, juice fasting... it just makes me binge eventually. They only successful weight management technique I've found is portion control. I lost all my baby weight by keeping a food journal on MyFitnessPal. I will change my user name on there to Lineagewear, and log everything I eat. I will change the goal from "lose weight" to "maintain current weight" because this is not actually a diet. This is a lifestyle, and it needs to be sustainable, damnit! 

The caveat to this, is that at each meal, I will find a way to tweak what I am eating to make it slightly healthier. For example- if I am at a restaurant and ordering a cheeseburger deluxe, I will make it a turkey burger, or switch the fries for a side salad, or both. My diet isn't terrible already. My goal with this is to eat more mindfully. 

3. Alcohol- I will drink less.

This is going to be the hardest part for me, as it's my one vice. I love beer and wine. LOVE IT. I don't really drink liquor, I don't day drink, I don't really go out to bars or clubs anymore- but I just adore hanging out with my husband and a cold IPA after our son goes to bed. Or having a glass of Pinot Noir when we are out to dinner. My goal with this is to drink less overall. I'm not sure how best to quantify "less", but I think if I start by having one glass less whenever I am drinking, that is as good a place to start as any!

4. Tracking- I will weigh and measure myself weekly.

Just to keep track of any progress I make. I mean, the hope is to change my body composition to be more optimal. I would like my clothes to fit better. Losing weight would be nice. I'm mostly just curious how this experiment will change my body.

But I will NOT get hung up on the numbers, and I will NOT allow myself to beat myself up over them. For a Body Positive company, I body shame myself WAY too much. I am not setting a weight or measurement goal because I don't want to be disappointed for not achieving it. That way, any changes are automatically a bonus! 

5. Blogging- I will blog daily.

Yeah, extra time in front of a computer. I know. And I have to find a way to make talking about lunch sound interesting. It will be part of the whole mindfulness thing, and we can all poke at my innermost thoughts and feelings about this. 

I am actually excited for this challenge. I look forward to it. I look forward to feeling more balanced. I look forward to sharing this adventure with you all!

Now if you'll excuse me, I think it's time to go for a walk...

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