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Our headbands don't suck!

bikram-fit One of our beautiful brand ambassadors, Robin

When I started doing yoga three years ago, almost immediately I noticed that i was extraordinarily distracted by my hair. It had to be skinned back completely. I couldn't have any loose hairs floating down onto me or my mat and sticking to my damp skin (ew). I didn't want to fix my hair in the middle of class. And I couldn't bear any hairstyle that interfered with movement of my head and neck- same for any hair accessories I wore to keep my hair back. Thus began my quest for the perfect headband. 

First and foremost, I noticed that any headbands that braided or knotted at the back of my head drove me crazy during Pranayama deep breathing. I'd till my head back, feel this uncomfortable bulge, and the movement of my neck would immediately push the headband off my head, boinging off my hair, and becoming a huge distraction when I was trying to settle into class.

The same held true for lightweight spandex headbands. Let me tell you guys, DO NOT pay for a plain spandex headband. They are as slippery as a toddler fresh out of the bathtub, and won't stick to your hair without a million bobby pins. Several times, I've paid $10-20 for a spandex headband thinking maybe they had some sort of secret special way of stitching that prevented this. NOPE. 

So me specializing in techniques that help stretch garments stay put during a Broadway show, I started making prototypes. I tried lined, I tried unlined. I tried folding, tucking, gathering, elasticizing...I tried everything. It took six months of tweaking, and probably 10-15 prototype headbands, until I settled on this guy right here:

The Lineagewear headband. TA DA! (pictured is the final prototype- the finished product is even cleaner!)

Now, what makes this headband different from all the other spandex headbands on the market?

1) It is adjustment free. Seriously. You can wear this for eight hours straight, and not have to adjust it. No bobby pins required. No bouncing off the back of your head. It doesn't move- and it does this with NO ELASTIC. Elastic serves a specific purpose in theatre, but in real life, it just gives me a headache. 

2) Contoured seams. This isn't just a tube- it's shaped to fit a human head. The front is wider than the back, and there are two curved seams behind the ears that gives it its unique concave/convex shape. (My manufacturer actually HATES stitching these, because it was so tricky to get these curved seams just right!)

3) A jersey knit liner. While I love the look of printed spandex, it just doesn't grip. By adding a lightweight jersey lining, the headband will stick to your hair and grip in place- all while absorbing and wicking away sweat! 

4) The look! It looks put together. When my son was born, I wore my hair up in a bun with a plain cotton headband nearly 24/7. (Stray hairs can wrap around a babies fingers and hurt them.) I felt like I always looked like it was laundry day, like I was in my pajamas or about to go scrub some floors. With my Lineagewear headband, I can have my hair out of my face and not look like I've completely given up. Even paired with a simple tank top and jeans, it's a pop of design that brings even the most casual outfit together. 

And let's not forget the fact that IT WORKS. I've worn it to hot yoga, I've worn it running, and yes, I've worn it to scrub the floors. I don't have to futz with it. It just sits there and keeps my hair out of my face. I don't like to brag, but I genuinely feel like this is a product that I can be proud of and believe in 100%. I poured a lot of love into this little headband! I hope you love it as much as I do. PS- Shipping on headbands is free! No code needed!



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