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How to wear leggings!

It's confusing sometimes, right? Leggings aren't pants. They aren't tights. It kinda feels like maybe you aren't supposed to be wearing them outside of the gym... maybe? 

Well, fuck it. They are comfortable, they are flattering... and maybe you're on your way to the yoga studio in a little while. and don't feel like carrying a change of clothes. Or maybe you don't care what you're "supposed" to do, or how you are "supposed" to dress. 

With this devil may care attitude in mind- and mind you, this is the attitude you are SUPPOSED to have when you get dressed in the morning- here are a few examples of how to wear your Lineagewear, aka the #bestleggingsever. I have prepared seven different looks to take you from studio to street with ease!

Here, I've combined my Trick or Treat Jellybean leggings with a long, drapey black tunic and some bright red Converse low tops. Notice that this is a super colorful print but they are toned down somewhat by highlighting the dominant color in the print, and pairing it with a neutral colored top. 

Another Trick or Treat print, this time Ice Cream Cones! I paired this with a pair of cozy wool socks and some white high tops (these are actually my wedding shoes. Yes, I got married in sneakers- that's just the kind of girl I am!) This look is perfect with a chunky, oversized sweater. Wear this to go ice skating, grab some hot chocolate... or maybe just to curl up with a Brat Pack movie marathon on a chilly Sunday afternoon. 

Here, I've paired our popular Smoke legging with a button down cotton tunic, knee high gaiters, and a pair of heels for a more feminine look. Gaiters are SO IN right now! And there are so many cute options out there- Etsy has dozens of sellers with hand knit options. Support a small business AND stay cozy all winter long? Yes, please!

Here is our Miami Vice legging shown with a grey burnout tank and charcoal ballet flats. This is pretty much what I wear almost all year round, combined with a hoodie for the rare moments I get cold. (I swear, hot yoga permanently raised my internal temperature!) All you need to do for yoga is kick off your shoes, and you're good to go! Boom! Stop, drop, and yoga!

This outfit reminds me of my Art School days! Here is a pair of Trick or Treat Popcorn leggings paired with a plaid ombre skirt and slouchy, extra high Converse. I would wear this with a vintage band t-shirt and my hair in pigtail buns... and probably a pair of headphones, blasting The Smiths. 

Everyone, repeat after me: Knee. High. Boots. Leggings and knee high boots are a match made in heaven! They are appropriate for almost any situation. In this case, I've thrown classic black knee high Doc Martens over a pair of Splash Stripe leggings. Wear this with just about any top you can think of- a baggy sweater, a button down shirt, a little black dress... or even a crop top or sports bra to go out dancing! 

And finally, here is our best selling Blue Peacock Capri. I've paired it with a corset and black flats for a retro, rockabilly look. Most rockabilly stuff I see is the same old skulls, cherries, and flames, yawn. Wear this outfit with a big pompadour, cats eye makeup,a pearl choker and a cardigan for a look that's perfect for a classic car show or Horrorpops concert. 


Special thanks to my day job for throwing out a bunch of old mannequin parts. I rescued these ancient, patina-y prop legs! All sizes pictured are a small. Please note, thigh gap rarely exists in nature, and these looks will all be amazing on your real, human shaped body. Please do not be afraid to try something new. You are gorgeous and you deserve to be happy!

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